Saturday, July 5, 2014


In a recent posting, I expressed disappointment that we were not receiving many responses to our postings. There may be a technical reason. It seems to make comments, and I gather also to receive emails of new postings, your cookies have to be enabled. Most desktops have cookies enabled by default, but it appears IPhones and IPads, do not. You can enable cookies yourselves on these devices by going to Settings, then Safari (or other browser, if you don’t have Apple) then to “block cookies.” You will have three choices: Always, From Third Parties and Advertisers, and Never. Your default is probably third parties and Advertisers. You will need to click on “never” if you want to post a comment on our postings. My tech adviser assures me you won’t be swamped with ads if you enable cookies, and that enabling will open up an array of useful applications. If, however, you find that enabling cookies causes you problems, you can always enable cookies (by clicking on “Never” block), send your response, then later change back to the cookies setting you prefer. If you’ve been having problems responding from your desktop, check to see if cookies are enabled.

If you’ve been frustrated by being unable to send a response, feel free to re-read any previous posting and have at it. Please note that the link to leave a comment is at the bottom of the page, a distance from the end of the last text paragraph, so you will need to scroll down.

It’s also OK to send a response via email. My email is:, and Chuck’s is I believe there is a word limit on responses launched from our blog, so if you have a lengthy comment, it’s fine to email us.

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